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Dispute with the BRD about legal issues

Statement by the Government of the Principality of Sealand Concerning the Diplomatic Relations with the Federal Republic of Germany

Why does the Federal Republic of Germany since 1990 – disregarding the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – deny its diplomatic contacts with the Principality of Sealand?

Compare the letter by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany
 to the Foreign Office of the Principality of Sealand of October 18, 1976:
" The Foreign Office confirms with thanks …"

Sichtvermerke der DDR und der BRD in dem ersten der drei Diplomatenpässe (à1 |à2)des Premierministers der PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND Johannes W. F. Seiger
Visas by the GDR and the FRG in the first of the three diplomatic passports of the Prime Minister of the Principality of Sealand Johannes W. F. Seiger

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961 was joined by practically all states of this Earth, for instance the USA, England, Israel, and effective of August 13, 1964, also the Federal Republic of Germany. It is an international law that has been incorporated into the German law and it does not allow any arbitrary interpretations or modifications.

In Article 40 the ‘Vienna Convention’ regulates the diplo-matic relations also between states that have not or not yet recognised each other diplomatically. It is valid with equal rights and obligations first and foremost for diplomats with their staff who are in transit or are in the host country for other reasons. This is expressed by the visa in the diplomatic passports.

Passports of diplomats of the Principality of Sealand do contain endorsements and diplomatic visa from more than 50 states. The first two passports of Prime Minister Seiger in particular do show such entries of these states, as e. g. Egypt, FRG, Bulgaria, German Reich, GDR, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malawi, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Sao Tomé, Senegal, Slovenia, Syria, Sultanate Oman, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, Vietnam.

After the completion of the “2+4-Vertrag” (2+4 Agreement) exceptions stated in the Transition Agreement of September 27 and 28, 1990, Art. 2 Section 1 (for Berlin as the occupied capital separately regulated in the Convention about the regulation of certain issues concerning Berlin”) certain caveats for the Allies had been codified. These regulations state that:

“All rights and obligations that have been founded or justified through legislative, judicial or administrative measures by the allied authorities die in or concerning Berlin or were founded or justified based upon such measures, are and remain in every aspect in force according to German law, whether they are founded or justified in concordance with other legal regulations. These rights and obligations are without discrimination subject to the same future legislative, judicial and administrative measures as similar rights and obligations founded or justified according to German law.”

In the Gesetz zur Bereinigung des Besatzungsrechts (Law for the Rectification of the Occupation Rights) of 2007 the validity of Art. 2 Abs. 1 is again confirmed.

Art. 139 of the “Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany) ordered and “officially” approved by the Allies already states: “The legal regulations issued for the ‘Liberation of the German people from national socialism and militarism’ are not touched by the regulations of this Basic Law (Grundgesetz).”

The Enemy States Clauses (Feindstaatenklauseln) of the UN Charter Article 53 and 107 (here the list and a Spiegel report from 1968) still in force for Germany shall not go unmentioned in this context. (Compare this short resume of the legal bases to judge the sovereignty of the FRG)

From the caveats cited above one may discern that the Federal Republic of Germany is not sovereign. Within a fairly wide field the directives and wishes of the Allies are compulsory for German state organs. In this context it seems obvious that with this legal instruments one had tried to gain possession of documents and materials from the time of the German Reich that have been put in trust of the Principality of Sealand (among others documents concerning the whereabouts of the Amber Room and other cultural goods, about the Vril technology, construction drawings for the German Flying Disks, nuclear materials etc.).

Such attempts with the help from German authorities and courts of law contravene the “Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations”. As international law this convention is superior to all regulations mentioned above.

July 2010                                                                          Johannes W. F. Seiger
Prime Minister
Government of the Principality of Sealand

With our letter to the Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle of May 4, 2010, (receipt stamp from the Foreign Office of May 11, 2010, plus attachments) we have once more pointed out the first diplomatic contacts by the Federal Republic of Germany to the Principality of Sealand dating back over 30 years.

This statement

Attachments [German, 32 MB]


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