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25. Dezember 2006 Press Releases

Christmas and New Year Greetings 2006–2007

Dear Ladies, respected Gentlemen!

You have not heard from Sealand for quite some time, and there is a reason. In the year 2006 we have gone through a very active, if not always entirely pleasant period. At the beginning of the year for instance our websites had been blocked due to apparent “incitement of the people”. We then asked the provider for the legal basis for his actions, we stopped payments of the charges and demanded appropriate damages for non-performance. Soon after, the websites were released again, and someone it seems even paid the open bills. Puzzling? – It took the whole year to clean the website of all the viruses and other vermin that had infiltrated it in the meantime and to bring back e-mail traffic to a somewhat normal state.

The economic and illegal aggressions upon my person over many years will lead in the next months to a legal action against the so-called Federal Republic of Germany and the State Brandenburg at the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg. The defendants as well as the Allied Victorious Powers of the Second World War and the European Union have been informed accordingly and have been specifically asked to set the delayed subject of the Peace Treaty, which will be the completion of the German Unification, upon their political agendas before mid-2007.

We have fantastic news to report concerning the further development of our Sealand-Generator:
We now reach the full torque running the engine only at half power! You can easily imagine what this means for propulsion technology and energy politics world-wide. You know that the Sealand-Generator is not and will never be a “commercial product”. Therefore we now set our sights on gradually making the Vril technology available for everyone.

At the beginning of the year 200 we will inform about this and other occurrences and plans in more detail in the “New Pages” section of our website.

To end, I wish you, your family and your friends a blessed festive season and a successful year 2007.

With my best regards

 Johannes F.W. Seiger

May 8, 2006 Vril

From the Workings of the Imperial Commission «VRILIA»
Sealand Generator: Kosmische Dynamik


What do we call VRIL?

1. VRIL is understood as the Creative Force, as superordinater energy that occurs as the mental force, the emotional force, the force of life and last but not least as the force in physics, with all possible interactions.

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