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Sealand, April 2008

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The Luxemburg-Story

Jean-Claude Juncker –
Arrogant or Corrupt?

On the basis of own experiences the question must be raised about the integrity of the finance centre Luxemburg, if property is confiscated and then the owner is declared ‹persona non grata›.

J.-C. Juncker
Excerpt from: Memorandum of Dr. A. L. Chr. Oomen, Lawer in international law at The Hague, NL, Okt. 1989
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"In 1976 three subjects of SEALAND, by the way all ministers and diplomats, established an information place in the town of Luxemburg. On March 17, 1976, these three were arrested and charged with having minted counterfeit money, meaning the SEALAND currency called SEALAND dollars that they carried with them. At the arrest all the state-owned material they had with them – apart from the sterling silver coins also stamps – with a total value of several million US$ was confiscated.

It is well worth elaborating on this occurrence. I will do this now before continuing with the chronology. So…

After the arrest of the three, the Luxemburg police was informed by their colleagues at Scotland Yard that the UNITED KINGDOM had no jurisdiction over SEALAND, that SEALAND was a sovereign state. Thus an embarrassing mistake in law was revealed. After three weeks of research the three SEALAND citizen were released on bail. To avoid a public scandal, the Luxemburg judiciary wanted to cease the initiated proceedings. The aggrieved diplomats however successfully forced a provocation hearing that took place in the summer of 1978. In the ruling of July 1, 1978, by the district court of Luxemburg-Town all charges against the three accused – victims of miscarriage of justice – were dropped. The error was admitted and – shamefacedly – explained with missing information about the existence and sovereignty of SEALAND.

For what reason the thus totally rehabilitated SEALAND diplomats were then declared “personae non gratae” remains a mystery of the Luxemburg judiciary. The bail was returned, however, the confiscated coins and stamps were retained. In this sovereign action, too, one may – considering the clear-cut history – discern an extraordinary, even arbitrary behaviour. The only explanation could be that the unique rarities had soon after confiscation been handed around in police circles, as no-one had foreseen such an outcome.

Due to the from the outset discrediting behaviour by the Luxemburg state SEALAND wanted to bring its first spectacular case before the International Court at The Hague. Added to the damages suffered by the persons involved were also high financial damages to SEALAND property, this altercation will probably – and from the point of view of the present government of SEALAND necessarily – have to be fought out. For this, at the time – and still today – certain conditions had to be met that shall be outlined briefly here."

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Johannes W.F. Seiger,

Prime Minister Principality of Sealand

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