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Our Comment to Brexit and to Ms Angela Merkel

The United Kingdom has recognised late, but not too late, that the majority of its population no longer wants to be subject to this dictatorship. With the Brexit decision the UK has given the kick-start for a renewed orientation in Europe. Only now other countries, too, began to realise that now there is a chance for a Europe of fatherlands. This Europe – including Russia, but WITHOUT the USA, the faith community dominating it and Israel – would be able to guarantee its citizenry a humane existence.

First we would like to express again – as we did in our letter of the 12th September 2015 – thank Ms Merkel for her in fact unlawful, but audacious decision, to allow around one million asylum seekers/fugitives into our country. This decision was in line with our long-term shared endeavours to foster the long overdue peace treaty bringing the Second World War to an end, what unfortunately had not been achieved until today ( Greetings 2015/2016).

Europe had and still has no future without the reestablishment of the sovereignty of the German Reich. The EU and its unelected organs have shown again that they cannot decide freely, but are subject to the USA and the faith community dominating it. Whoever attempts to resist will suffer scrupulously the power histrionics of the EU (see Greece etc.).

Independent of the decisions that now will be have to be made the government commission Vrilia will make the Vril technology – as already announced – available in part to every country of the world that shows interest.

For more than 20 years we had to suffer the despotism of the EU, the federal justice system, the Department of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) of the FRG and the Brandenburg judiciary. To illustrate this we publish here two recent and contrasting emails ( corresponding to the motto of the faith community: Discriminate – Defame – Eliminate) ( field report).


Johannes W. F. Seiger                                         Urs Thoenen

Member of the Government Commission Vrilia     Minister for Cultural Affairs and Information


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