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A Concept for Natural Technology as an Element in SEALAND's Pyramid Model


GEA for Gaia
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Juni 11, 2011

Principality of Sealand  
Urs Thoenen
Minister for Cultural Affairs and Information

When Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Karl Schappeller and others initiated a world-wide dawn in energy production,
scientists and engineers in Germany worked officially on research and application of the Vril energy leading among other avenues
to the construction of German flying discs.

Admiral Canaris and Colonel General Udet in particular had recognised the scope of the Vril technology and secured its continuation past the end of the war.

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GEA for Gaia

GEA = Gaia

GEA is the acronym for Gravity-field Energy Accumulator.
Gaia is the name the Greeks gave to Earth and to the tutelary goddess for life on our planet.

In these days it becomes ever more evident what damage man has done to Gaia. He is waging war on nature and thus on himself. The alternatives are continued self-destruction or an ecological turnaround.

One of the many possibilities for saving Gaia is the directed supply of energy to the elements of those of nature’s systems that suffer from energy depletion.

A SEALAND scientist and researcher has developed a generator with which symmetrical gravitation waves of any frequency can be produced. It is possible with this generator to transmit energy into atomic and molecular structures of suitable substances, ground quartz for instance, and store it there. In this way the matter used for energy storage becomes an energy accumulator which gradually disseminates the energy with the needed specific frequency to nature’s systems. Thus the natural systems regain lost energy in specific form and the self-healing powers are activated.

The GEA described here are no panacea, they act like a mild homeopathic remedy acts on a biological system.

Unfortunately, at this time “Mother Earth” must use her energy to limit the damage perpetrated by man in his ignorance and arrogance.

The best technologies can only be stopgaps, to fill the holes that man with his devastating policies (like nuclear testing) and his boundless greed (like the destruction of the rain forests) again and again opens up. What good the biggest technological achievements, if man destroys his own basis for living, namely Nature?

Only a complete reversal of man’s attitude towards Nature will enable him to help Nature (for instance with the GEA) to heal herself.


The microstate SEALAND strives to become a crystallisation nucleus for the development of a society in harmony with Nature.

SEALAND undertakes the historic experiment to stop war on Nature in this world by a “Coalition of the Sensible”.

SEALAND wants to uncover the social reasons for this war on Nature and to help to overcome it without violence; to reduce the gradient between rich and poor in such a way that the energies thus freed can be utilised sensibly for the good of all people and will not turn themselves into a destructive breach in the dam.

SEALAND wants to use and augment its potential in order to find solutions to such problems as the impoverishment of the masses together with mass unemployment and the destruction of Nature caused by dire need or by greed.

SEALAND is a democratic state which is not only based upon the trust by its own citizens, but the trust of all people who approve of the ethical and humanistic matters of concern of SEALAND.

Definition of Nature Technology

Nature Technology is:

  • technology according to Nature for Nature
  • the peaceful connection of man, environment and technology
  • the use of discoveries and inventions hitherto negated

Nature Technology wants:

  • to help re-establish the natural balance
  • harmony between man, environment and technology
  • independence from destructive, centralist systems and external constraints

Nature Technology can:

  • to help heal natural systems with gravitation-field energetic means
  • to detoxify and invigorate water as the blood of Earth
  • to help to work and rehabilitate the land ecologically and economically
  • to solve social problems in an ecological way

Nature Technology offers:

  • gravitation-field energetic products and preparations for the renaturalisation and vitalisation of water, soil, animals etc.
  • technical equipment for the detoxification and decalcification of water without chemicals
  • the technology for an ecological renewal in town and country

The SEALAND Pyramid

SEALAND can best realise its goals if it in pyramidal fashion develops and concentrates energies and makes them vibrate in harmony with Nature. The mental model of a pyramid is most apt to clarify the concerns of SEALAND.

Among the elements of the pyramid are:

The Base (square foundation of the pyramid)

The base is Nature with her laws, the parts of which are people. The base secures the stability of the whole pyramid. It can do this only if all elements of the pyramid observe the natural laws. Any destruction of an element by another or from without means that the foundation of the pyramid looses its power to carry the pyramid. This seals its destruction.

An important natural law of the base requires closed matter, energy and information circuits. They are needed for the pyramid to regenerate constantly and thus stay viable.

Pyramid Side 1 - Production and Products Distribution

The main feature of this side is production and distribution of products corresponding to the laws of their natural base. Active labour under force-free conditions is the source of a dignified way of living for all members of society who - on the basis of equal rights - participate in the work process.

The right and the duty to work are the same for all able-bodied persons.

Work is the most important source for a dignified life in tune with Nature for all people who actively partake in the work process, as well as for those who for health reasons or because of advanced age have to leave the work process.

Pyramid Side 2 - Science and Natural Technology

Science and Natural Technology are based upon the principles of the pyramid base and create the requirements for the development and the stability of all pyramid sides. They are supported by the sensible use of Nature1s energies and thus contribute to secure the life of all elements of the base and of all pyramid sides.

Science and Natural Technology oppose the centralist dinosaurs of technology with decentralised solutions according to Nature. With this they create the basis for a real democratic self-determination for all people.

Natural technology is based upon the acting principles of Nature. Thus for example are the destructive active principles of today1s energy production replaced by energy production in harmony with Nature. Natural technology is aimed at maintaining health for all biological systems, whereby energetic
processes are decisive as an interplay of prophylactics and therapy.

Pyramid Side 3 - Culture and Social Concerns

Violence-free co-operation in a holistic sense of the people both with each other as well as with the environment is the basis of culture and of social systems. This requires equal education for all that is free of any commercial manipulation of requirements and of brutal or mild methods of stupefaction of the people.

It is an important goal to make people understand Nature and their responsibility towards her.

Also part of culture, education and social concerns are fitness training, health service, care for the elderly, and youth work. Communication between young and old people is an important part of life and enables the transfer of experience between and within the generations.

Pyramid Side 4 - Policy

The policy of SEALAND is in every respect peace policy, for it is based on non-violence within and without; this does not mean, however, that SEALAND is without protection against other states.

Honesty, transparency and the renunciation of bureaucracy are important elements of the policy of SEALAND, which practices an active neutrality.

SEALAND condemns all violence applied to the solution of political issues and in no way participates in inhumane or belligerent activities.

In its policy, SEALAND forgoes political parties and constraints by factions.

The relations among people are regulated by laws in whose drafting SEALAND’S citizens are actively involved.

The Centre of Government

The centre controlling the whole system can be compared to the spatial centre of gravity within the pyramid. The highest density of energy is found at this point, caused by the energy fields radiating from all the pyramid sides.

As the frequency source, the centre has the responsibility to ensure that the pyramid energy radiates harmonically according to the laws of Nature

Thus the SEALAND government qualitatively differs from all other governments, in which party strife, hatred of heterogeneity and of dissenters, concepts of the enemy and fundamentalism lead to the system’s self-destruction. This self-destruction is expressed in extremist acts of violence and a development that engenders favourable conditions for fascistic tyrannies.

The members of the SEALAND centre represent all sides of the pyramid and have themselves to act as frequency generators. This means that the criteria for work at the energy centre exclusively lie in spiritual-ethical qualities and in the ability to work with care and effectiveness.

Perspectives and Visions


SEALAND could be the batting of a butterfly’s wings that – according to chaos theory – is able to activate forces that will stop the world war against Nature. The holistic activities of SEALAND can be formulated by citing the ideals stated by the German philosopher Herder in 1797:

The tendency of man’s nature contains a universe, upon which is written:

No one for himself alone – everyone for all, thus you are worthy to each other and happy!

An never-ending diversity striving towards the unity that lies in everything and advances all.

SEALAND, Autumn 1995

Johannes W. F. Seiger
Prof. Dr. Ing. Leuschner
Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Technik
Dipl. Phys. E. Wolf
Ministerium für Physik und Informatik
(dismissed 1996)


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