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She arises from the depth of the sea: the IDEA of SEALAND, as old as humanity, yet still unborn ...

Amidst the global fight for the freedom of humanity, the salvation of the Earth, that has been fought for millennia, the IDEA of SEALAND emerges free and confident, cosmopolitan and interventional, and starts outside of all party strife to open new social and technical perspectives of humanity's evolution ...

SEALAND could be the flapping of a butterfly hardly noticable here, which however - according to chaos theory - faraway, clandestinely mediated by the formidable chain of cause and effect, may start a hurricane, an earthqauke, even the fall of the old and the rise of a new continent. This quiet flap that is the IDEA of SEALAND may contribute finally to end the insane world war of the ignorant against Nature.

SEALAND holistic approach may be expressed with the ideals of JOHANN GOTTFRIED HERDER in 1797 said:

"We cannot be happy or fully worthy and morally good as long as one human being is unhappy due to another ...
The tendency of human nature comprises a universe that is marked
'No one to himself, each for all, thus you will be mutually worthy and happy.'
An endless difference, striving for unity, that lies in all, that advances everyone."


An artificial platform in the sea became in the year of the revolution 1968 through the courageous actions of stout-hearted men a free and sovereign state ...

The PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND is a sovereign state in accordance with international law. Against all opposition SEALAND has remained until today and gained international legal acceptance. SEALAND maintains absolute neutrality and international independence. SEALAND does not seek political power. Our future does not come from politics. It will arise from the true art of governance based on true knowledge. To this knowledge SEALAND offers a safe haven, until it will be called upon from the whole world to shape our future in freedom and harmony with the true laws of existence. More than one hundred scientists of international renown already work under the asupices of SEALAND - still unseen today. THE PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND supports and fosters economic cooperation in world trade. In the economy all is based on mutual acknowledgement and on trust (credit means trust). In our time trust is failing because it is extensively and systematically abused to enforce a misunderstood self-interest to the detriment of others. Therefore, free and unprejudiced congress of human beings is all the more important. For it is the nature of man as well as an economic necessity to show trust to one's fellow humans.

That is why the government of THE PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND has founded the international SEALAND BUSINESS CLUB gegründet.

The interner Link SEALAND BUSINESS CLUB is a further road to fulfil the VISION of SEALAND step by step.

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The Sealand Generator

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Juni 11, 2011

Principality of Sealand  
Urs Thoenen
Minister for Cultural Affairs and Information

When Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Karl Schappeller and others initiated a world-wide dawn in energy production,
scientists and engineers in Germany worked officially on research and application of the Vril energy leading among other avenues
to the construction of German flying discs.

Admiral Canaris and Colonel General Udet in particular had recognised the scope of the Vril technology and secured its continuation past the end of the war.

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